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Page Posted May 4, 2017

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ABG Newsletters


Several American Blind Golf Players, Coaches & Supporters have requested that we post all our Newsletters on the website.  So, for all of 2017 we will not only send out Newsletters via email but we will post them on this section of our website.  If you would like to be placed on our email list, simply send an email to



2017 Newsletters


December 2016     January 2017     February 2017     March 2017     April 2017     May 2017     June2017

July 2017     August 2017     September 2017     October 2017     November 2017     December 2017


December 2016

December 22, 2016


Players, Coaches & Supporters:


On behalf of American Blind Golf & the Charities we support, we would like to wish everyone the Merriest of Christmas & the Happiest of Holidays!  We would like to take this opportunity to look back on 2016 and announce the tournaments in 2017.

First, as you all know, we lost 2 very special players this past year, Ron Murner and Howard Shaw.  These players truly demonstrated the ABG motto of Motivate, Inspire & Serve!  Through their actions, they proved to all of us that we can play this great game for a long time and positively impact the lives of others.  They will be sadly missed at our tournaments this year and for years to come…


Before outlining the tournament schedule for 2017, Bruce & Judy Hooper have written a brief recap of the National Stroke Play Championship followed by a detailed scoring summary.


The 2016 American Blind Golf Stroke Play Championship marked its 9th year.  Our partnership with the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired has proven to be very beneficial for both of us.  When we began in 2009, the goal of the event was to provide a national championship for blind golfers, to 'motivate, inspire and serve' all of those who deal with the loss of sight, and to increase the community awareness of the services for blind children provided by the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired.  Every year this tournament and charity event has grown in participation and sponsorship. 

This year’s tournament set a new record in dollars raised for the blind children’s program.  According to Mike Gilliam, CEO of the San Antonio Lighthouse, “In 2016, the Blind Children’s Education Program served over 200 kids;  Life-changing PC’s with high resolution, super-zoom cameras were given to 30 children ages 4 to 14, and $30,000 was awarded in college scholarships to blind students”.  


Bruce and Judy Hooper, and all those who consistently help make this event possible, thank you for participating and for your generous contributions for this cause.  We hope to see you again in 2017.  The dates for the tournament are October 8 - 11 for our 10th anniversary


American Blind Golf 2016 National Stroke Play Championship Final Results


 B1 Sight Category





 TOTAL Gross 

 Total NET 

Mario Tobia Frank Hesson 107 102 209 135
Brian Oglesbee Steph Forrer 114 113 227 143
Jim Hamilton Terry Martin 114 129 243 133
David Burnett Bill Phipps 129 129 258 162

B2 Sight Category





 TOTAL Gross 

 Total NET 

Bruce Hooper Judy Hooper 83 89 172 142
Charles Adams Chris Crane 87 91 178 156
Mark Arnold Randy Forrer 88 101 189 147
Bruce Peterson Mike Gilliam 95 94 189 149
Kevin Frost Glenn Costello 108 106 214 144
Grant Weathers Jay Hardwig 125 118 243 183

B3 Sight Category





 TOTAL Gross 

 Total NET 

Harry Hester Margaret Hester 83 83 166 142
Linda Port Buddy Cook 87 91 178 148
Art Beauregard Sue Beauregard 89 94 183 151
Tim Jackson Rob Burneson 88 97 185 145
Glenn Babcock Lois Babcock 94 95 189 157

Senior Net Champion



John Casolo (B1) David Mouton Senior Net 1st Place 139
George Thirkill (B3) Roger Cline Senior Net 2nd Place 143
Dan McDonald (B2) Dan McDonald Jr Net 146
Gill Moss (B3) Joan Moss Net 172

Now, the events & dates for 2017!


First it is time to renew the ABG Player Card for 2017.  The Player Card is a once a year registration fee to participate in any and all ABG events.  This once a year card is also offered to coaches and supporters of American Blind Golf.

2017 Tournaments

1.     The Memorial, the Match Play Championship of American Blind Golf, will take place from Tuesday, June 20th through Friday, June 23rd in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Both Ron Murner & Howard Shaw will be honored during the Player/Coach’s Dinner.  This year the “Fore” the Warrior Blind Golf Charity Scramble will return to an 18 hole event and will feature a few signature foursomes.  This year our hope is to top the quarter million dollar mark in total funds raised since 2005!

2.     Brian MacLeod Memorial Open, an event sponsored by the Nova Scotia Blind Golf Association will take place from August 20th through August 22nd in Truro, Nova Scotia.  The NSBGA has graciously extended invitations to all ABG players.  If you’ve never visited Nova Scotia, please consider playing and honoring this great player.  Brian was one of the first Canadians to hold an ABG Player Card.

3.     As previously mentioned in Bruce & Judy’s summary, the American Blind Golf National Stroke Play Championship will take place October 8th through October 11th in San Antonio, Texas.  As always, the tournament offers a field of top players and an opportunity to assist the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired raise awareness and funds for their services offered to blind/vision impaired children.

4.     Last but not least, Bob Kotowski is organizing the 2017 California Blind & Disabled Golf Classic to honor Howard Shaw.  The event will take place February 10th & 11th 2017 in Buellton, California.  For more information, please contact Bob Kowtowski directly at 805-698-6224.


Applications for the above listed events, as well as the 2017 Player Card Registration have been attached in Word Format for your convenience.  Should you have any problems opening the files, please reply to this email for assistance.  In addition, the applications have been posted on the front page of the ABG website in both Word and PDF format.


Here’s to a great 2017 season filled with great golf, fellowship and the demonstration of our motto, “Motivate, Inspire & Serve” all those who deal with the loss of sight!


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee


January 2017

January 1, 2017


Players, Coaches & Supporters:


Happy New Year!


Well, the goal of the Communication Committee is to send out a Newsletter each month in 2017.  This seems to be our resolution each year but this year we are going to finally do it!


First, don’t forget to fill out and return your Player Card Application/Renewal Form and return it with your check or money order to the ABG Home Office in San Antonio.  The form can be found in either PDF or Word format on the ABG Player Registration Page.  If you encounter any problems, please reply to this email and we will be glad to assist.


Second, the entire ABG Website has been updated.  All of the pages have been brought up to date including the Tournament Summary Page with a wrap up of the National Stroke Play Championship.  The Sponsor Page is currently being brought up to date.  Many of our valued sponsors still need to be added so please check back often to view the progress of the page.


Third, the Ohio Blind Golf Page is currently being updated and should be completed by the end of the week.  Speaking of Ohio, applications for the Memorial Match Play Championships are already coming in!  Almost half of the allotted slots are already filled.  If you are planning on submitting an entry, don’t delay!


OK, there you go…  Our first Newsletter of the year!  It was brief but we wanted to start off 2017 on the right foot!


Here’s to a Happy New Year filled with great golf,

The ABG Communication Committee

February 2017

February 1, 2017


Hello All,


We trust that you are all surviving the winter and looking forward to another great golf season with American Blind Golf in 2017.  This February Newsletter will be brief but includes a few very important updates.  Before we begin, we would like to state 2 special posts; one for players and one for coaches and supporters:



Many of you have already renewed your 2017 Player Card and for that, we offer our sincere appreciation.  Our hope is that you take great pride in the over $100,000 you assisted American Blind Golf in raising in the past year to support blind charities.  We have updated our player distribution list and would like to reach out to all of you to renew or become a Player Card holder with American Blind Golf in 2017.  As you know, we offer competition between many of the finest blind/visually impaired golfers in North America while patronizing blind charities.  A Player Card application has been attached for your convenience and you can also find the form on the American Blind Golf website.

As we begin the 2017 season, we would like to extend a thank you to our new players from last year; Dave Annis a B2 player from Alabama, Linda Port a B3 player from California, Grant Weathers a B2 player from North Carolina and Kevin Frost a B2 player from Canada.  American Blind Golf is a better organization because of your participation last year.  We hope to see you again in 2017!  Finally, we would like to welcome Bob Banks a B2 player from California, Ron Derry a B1 player from Ohio familiar to many and Joe Furber a B1 player from the great white north!  Also, we welcome back Jim Gales from Scotland and Peter Osborne from England.  We all welcome you and look forward to seeing you at our ABG tournaments in 2017!


*Coaches & Supporters

As we begin this Newsletter, all of us as Player Card holders with American Blind Golf would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your dedication to American Blind Golf!  Without your commitment to us as players, we would not be able to play this great game.  Most of all, we would not be able to demonstrate our motto, “Motivate, Inspire & Serve” all those who deal with the loss of sight.  Through our collective efforts last year alone we raised over $100,000 for our affiliated charities!  In this regard, we would like to extend the opportunity to each of you to register or renew your Coach/Supporter Card for the 2017 season.  You can find the form on the American Blind Golf website.  We have also attached a form for your convenience


Now, on with the Newsletter…


The “Memorial” Championship Update

Preparations for the Match Play Championships slated for June in Ohio are progressing nicely and the tournament committee is working hard to make your visit to the Buckeye state a memorable one once again.  Slots are filling rapidly; only one slot is still available in the B3 category, a couple left in B2 and a few in the B1 sight category.  Please keep in mind that only 7 slots are available in each sight category and players are accepted in a first registered first accepted basis.  If you are planning to attend, please don’t delay and risk missing out on this annual event!  Entry forms are on the front page of the American Blind Golf website.  Visit the Ohio Blind Golf site for complete tournament information.


8th Annual Golfers Dream Reverse Raffle

Many of you know that each year in support of the Memorial Championship; the organizing committee of the tournament hosts a reverse raffle to support the championship and its affiliated charities.  The grand prize is a complete set of Titleist clubs featuring a new 917 D2 driver.  There are also some incredible golf prizes including 12 dozen ProV1 golf balls, various additional clubs from tailor-made and other major manufacturers, foursomes of golf at great Ohio country clubs and even an official autographed flag signed by the King, Arnold Palmer!  A donation of $50 enters you in the drawing for all the above listed prizes.  Should you wish to purchase a ticket, simply reply to this email and we will reply with the details.  Many players and coaches have already purchased tickets.  Your participation would be greatly appreciated.  You can view more information about the raffle on the Ohio Blind Golf website.


Last but not least, several players have already registered for our National Stroke Play Championship in San Antonio this October.  Forms are available on the front page of the American blind Golf website.  If you’ve never visited South Texas in October, you are really in for a treat!  It’s never too early to reserve your slot!


Well, we’ve kept our promise so far to send out a Newsletter each month!  If you have any suggestions or information that you would like us to pass along to the group, please reply to this email address and we will post the information in the coming months…


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee


March 2017

Hello All,


Before we begin this brief Newsletter, a correction from the February Edition…  In the Newsletter we noted the new players from 2016 and for the upcoming season.  In doing so we stated that our newest member Bob Banks was from North Carolina.  He in fact resides in California.  Guess we’ll take a mulligan on that one…  LOL!  Now, on with the Newsletter…


Below is a special note from Bruce Hooper.

On February 16, 2017, Judy and I attended the annual Golf San Antonio Award Banquet.  It was held at San Antonio Country Club.  Golf San Antonio announced 13 distinguished award recipients.  Terry Martin received the Amateur Golf Volunteer of the Year award.  Terry has served San Antonio amateur golf for many years.

Terry has been coaching Canadian Jim Hamilton since Jim first came to San Antonio.  They have become great friends and last year, he coached Jim to the overall net winner award at our 2016 National Stroke Play Championship.  Terry has been an incredible friend to blind golf.  American Blind Golf is proud to have Terry as a part of our organization!


Next, a few updates on the Memorial Tournament in Ohio this June…

First, the field should be finalized in the next week as the last few openings are pending.  The competition looks to be outstanding as over half the field consists of former champions!

Second, the organizing committee is very proud to announce that Mission BBQ has graciously offered to provide all of the food for the “Fore” the Warrior Blind Golf Scramble that will take place following the competitive tournament.  They not only have the best BBQ in the world but they are strong supporters of military and safety service members such as firefighters etc.

Third, the upcoming Spring Golfers Dream Reverse Raffle to support the tournament will be held on April 8th.  A few tickets still remain.  If you’d like to purchase a ticket, please reply to this Newsletter for details.  Grand prize is a complete set of Titleist clubs featuring the new 917 driver and various other golf products.  Tickets are $50 and obviously, you need not be present to win.


Finally, another reminder that 2017 Player, Coach & Supporter Card applications are now being accepted.  If you haven’t renewed yours, don’t delay!  There is no better way to pledge support for our motto; through the great game of golf, we strive to “Motivate, Inspire & Serve” all those who deal with the loss of sight.  The application can be found on the front page of the American Blind Golf website.


Well, there you go…  Spring is on its way and hopefully all of us will be playing soon.  Keep practicing!


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee


PS Remember that you can view all of the 2017 Newsletters on the ABG Newsletter Page of the website.



April 2017


April 5, 2017


Hello All,


Well, a couple days late but we are going to keep our promise of sending out a brief update Newsletter the first Sunday of each month.  So, below are just a few important bits of information to share for April…


First, thanks to all who purchased tickets for the “Golfers Dream Reverse Raffle” in support of the Memorial Match Play Championship.  The Raffle takes place this Saturday, April 8th and we will stream the beginning of the Raffle via Facebook Live on the Ohio Blind Golf Facebook Page.  In a perfect world we should start around 6:30.  Good luck to all!


Second, the field is set for the 2017 Memorial.  A formal acceptance letter will be coming out soon with initial information about the tournament and the schedule of events.  The Buckeye state looks forward to showing all of the players & coaches some Midwest hospitality once again!  Thanks to all who entered the tournament.


Third, American Blind Golf has been asked to assist in the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind’s “Shot in the Dark” annual fundraiser again this year.  The event takes place outside of Washington D.C. in May.  ABG is honored to assist CLB in raising awareness and funds for their great organization.


Finally, the application form for players, coaches & supporters is on the front page of the American Blind Golf Page.  Remember that cards need to be up to date to play in all ABG events in 2017.  Thanks for continuing to support the motto of ABG, “Motivate, Inspire & Serve!”


Well, there you have it…  Enjoy the Masters this week!  Continue practicing and we’ll all meet up on the course sometime before the golf season ends…


Fairways & Greens,

The ABG Communication Committee


PS Numerous players have already turned in entry forms for the ABG National Stroke Play Championship this October.  It’s never too early to submit your entry.  You can find it on the American Blind Golf Page.



May 2017


May1, 2017


Hello All:


We are continuing to keep our promise of sending out a Newsletter every month…  This now makes 6 in a row!  The Newsletter will be brief but important.  Enjoy…


First, the Memorial Championship Committee would like to thank all of the players and coaches who purchased raffle tickets in support of this year’s tournament.  Congratulations to Pat Murner who won a TaylorMade fairway metal and Jim Hamilton who won a foursome of golf at a private country club in our area.  Special thanks to Jim who donated the foursome of golf back to our future fundraising efforts.  One final note of interest…  The father of one of our past Adaptive Technology Scholarship Recipients, Nick Nutter was the grand prize winner!  His set of Titleist clubs is valued well over $2,000.00!  Congratulations Nick!


Second, thanks to all the players and coaches who have renewed their ABG Cards for 2017.  If you have not yet signed up or renewed your Card, the registration form can be found on the ABG Registration Page.  If you know individuals that would like to support ABG by registering as a supporter, they can also download the form and register as a Supporter.


Third, numerous players have already entered the ABG National Open Stroke Play Championship that will once again be held in San Antonio this October.  Don’t delay as tournament entries will be limited to the first 30 entries.  The application form can be found in both Word and PDF Format on the American Blind Golf Page


Fourth, American Blind Golf will once again assist the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind with their annual Shot in the Dark fundraiser later this month.  Woodmont Country Club located just outside of Washington D.C. will host the event to raise both awareness and funds for the Lighthouse.  The link below will take you to the PGA Radio interview with Matt Adams featuring American Blind Golf and the CEO of the Columbia Lighthouse.

PGA Radio Interview


Finally, American Blind Golf wishes to express our condolences at the passing of two notable blind golfers:

Bill McMahon, of Farmington, MA, age 58, passed away on April 13, 2017.  Bill had a long history of participation in blind golf tournaments.  He was a supporter of the Carroll Center for the Blind which helped him to live an independent life.  He worked his entire career in the insurance industry in Farmington.

Pat Browne Jr., of New Orleans, LA, age 84, passed away on April 20, 2017.  Pat was a star athlete at Tulane University and a graduate of Tulane School of Law.  Pat, a multi-national blind golf champion, lived by the motto “The Lord never gives anyone more than he can handle.”

Obituaries for both Bill and Pat can be found on-line.

Well, there you have it… another ABG Newsletter!  We trust that everyone is practicing and preparing for the 2017 season.  For those playing in the Memorial Match Play Championships, see you in June!


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee





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