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Page Posted February 1, 2020


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Several American Blind Golf Players, Coaches & Supporters have requested that we post all our Newsletters on the website in 2020.  So, for all of 2020 we will not only send out Newsletters via email but we will post them on this section of our website.  If you would like to be placed on our email list, simply send an email to





January 2020     Special 2020 Tournament Update



January 2020

January 5, 2020


Hello All,


Two very important announcements will be at the end of the Newsletter so please read to the very end to see what lies ahead for 2020…


Before the announcements, we wanted to briefly reflect on the past decade and update everyone on a couple players and coaches. 



First and most importantly we would like to sincerely thank all the players, coaches and all our incredible sponsors for your dedication and commitment to our motto that states: through our unique talents as blind & visually impaired golfers, we strive to “Motivate, Inspire & Serve” all those who deal with the loss of sight!  Through the collective efforts of each and every one of you, we will soon crest the 1.4 million dollar mark in total charitable contributions over the past 10 years!  Our signature beneficiaries included:

the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired, the Blind/Visually Adaptive Technology Scholarship Fund and a variety of Wounded Warrior Veteran Initiatives.  We truly have made a difference in the lives of numerous individuals and their families.


At the risk of leaving someone out, we have lost numerous players and coaches over the past 10 years that we would like to honor: Mary Blair, Joe Hojnicki, Brian MacLeod, Howard Shaw, William (Uncle Bill) Forrer, Ron Murner, Joel Marler, Coach Earl Meese and a few I may have missed.  They all contributed so much over the years.  Their efforts will never be forgotten…


Now, for those two important updates… 

Due to an increase in Player Card interest, American Blind Golf anticipates the possibility that both the Memorial Match Play and National Open Stroke Play tournaments may reach their maximum allotted entries.  In this regard, we will be following the procedures below to ensure equal opportunity for participation:

1.     Tournament entry applications will be posted on the website and in a special Newsletter by the end of the month

2.     Each entry form will have a specific date that indicates when applications can be mailed.  Entries will not be accepted with postmarks prior to that date.

3.     Players registering for entry into a tournament must be up to date with their Player Card for 2020 or a form must accompany their tournament entry along with all fees.

4.     There will be no exceptions as we are committed to fairness to all players.


Finally, we ask that you all keep the following folks in your thoughts and prayers: Brian Oglesbee recently had neck surgery, Roger Cline recently had knee replacement, Randy Forrer recently had major back surgery and Gil Moss is dealing with very serious heart issues.  Gil recently had 2 heart attacks and was not a candidate for open heart surgery.  Due to almost total blockage, he underwent a high risk stint procedure and is currently recuperating.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Ending on a happier note, Stetson, one of our honored soldiers became a father in December and Mark Arnold became a grandfather!  Let’s all hope for a fantastic New Year!



Special 2020 Tournament Information

January 26, 2020


ABG Players & Coaches,


First, American Blind Golf and the United States Blind Golf Association have come to an agreement regarding USBGA members who participate in ABG tournaments.  USBGA members who are also members of American Blind Golf will be eligible to submit their scores for their USBGA/International Blind Golf Association (IBGA) handicaps.


Both organizations play by United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules that cover blind and vision impaired players.  If an USBGA B 1 player desires to have their score from an ABG tournament submitted for their USBGA handicap, they must wear the blackout glasses as required by the IBGA.


Second, the following information will assist you as you register for American Blind Golf tournaments for the upcoming 2020 season.  As previously stated in the January Newsletter, due to an increase in Player Card interest, American Blind Golf anticipates the possibility that both the Memorial Match Play and National Open Stroke Play tournaments may reach their maximum allotted entries.  In this regard, please review the following criteria for the submission of tournament applications:

1 When submitting a tournament application, a player must be current with their 2020 ABG Player Card.  The form can be downloaded from the ABG website or by clicking on one of the links below.

          ABG Card Application (Word Format)

          ABG Card Application (PDF Format)

Please remember that tournament entries will not be accepted unless an applicant’s 2020 Player Card status is up to date. 


2 Both the Memorial Match Play Tournament in Ohio and the National Open Stroke Play Tournament in Texas will begin accepting applications beginning February 15, 2020.  Applications received with a postmark prior to February 15, 2020 will not be accepted.  The entry forms are now posted on the ABG website and can be downloaded via the links listed below:

          Memorial Match Play Entry Form (Word Format)

          Memorial Match Play Entry Form (PDF Format)

          National Open Stroke Play Entry Form (Word Format)

          National Open Stroke Play Entry Form (PDF Format)

Again, to ensure fairness to all players, entry forms submitted with a postmark prior to February 15th will not be accepted.


3 At this time, the Memorial Match Play Tournament has a maximum field of 21 players (7 players in B1, B2 & B3 categories) respectively.  If a sight category does not reach its maximum of 7 players by the application deadline, those slots will become available to the remaining sight categories.  Please contact Mark Arnold via the signature in this email should you have questions.


4 The National Open Stroke Play Tournament has a maximum limit of 24 players. Should you have questions, please contact Bruce Hooper at (210) 771-4684 or


Well, that’s enough information for now…  Look for the regular ABG Newsletter next weekend on Super Bowl Sunday.




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