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Page Posted December 5, 2018

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Several American Blind Golf Players, Coaches & Supporters have requested that we post all our Newsletters on the website.  So, for all of 2019 we will not only send out Newsletters via email but we will post them on this section of our website.  If you would like to be placed on our email list, simply send an email to





November 2018     Thanksgiving Update 2018     December 2018



November 2018

 November 4, 2018


Greetings All,


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, American Blind Golf would like to thank all the players, coaches & patrons for their support of ABG in 2018.  We crowned major champions in both stroke & match play formats.  In addition, players & coaches took part in numerous fundraisers such as: the Columbia Lighthouse outside Washington DC, the Lions Bill Smith Memorial Outing in Indiana, the Ohio Sons of the American Legion District Outing, South Texas Lighthouse Birdies for the Blind Outing as well as our signature charities the San Antonio Lighthouse, the Adaptive Technology Scholarship Fund and various Veteran Initiatives.  Heartfelt appreciation to all!





Before the summary of the ABG Championship, a few bits & pieces:

1.     The front page of the website has the complete scores posted from the National Stroke Play Championship.

2.     The 2019 Card Application for players, coaches & supporters as well as applications for the 2019 tournaments will be posted on the website by the end of November.

3.     Many blessings to Art & Sue Beauregard and Art’s sister Lucille for their donation to the Match Play Championship annual fundraiser, “Night at the Races!”  Their collective donation marks the first step in supporting the tournament’s charities in 2019!  Everyone root for their horse Gus that will be featured in the 12th race… And

4.     Think good thoughts this week as we anticipate the birth of Deven Schei’s first born any day now!


2018 National Championship Summary

Submitted by Bruce & Judy Hooper


San Antonio is on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert but on October 8 and 9, you would have sworn this city was in the middle of a tropical rain forest.  Unrelenting rain dominated the 10th annual ABG National Stroke Play Championship but a day later, the “Fore the Blind Charity Scramble”, was played under sunny skies.


On Sunday, October 7, a Welcome Reception was provided by Fratello’s Italian restaurant.  Mike Gilliam, President and CEO of the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired welcomed us and announced that over the last 10 years, the charity scramble event has hit the million dollar mark for donations to the SALB’s blind children’s program.  Mark Arnold presented Mike with a check from American Blind Golf for $500 and an additional check for $500 from American Blind Golf Ohio on behalf of Erik Schei.  Eric is a Wounded Warrior whose injuries rendered him a quadriplegic.  He painted a picture of hot air balloons with the ABG logo by holding the paintbrush in his mouth.  The painting was raffled at the tournament in Ohio and Eric requested that a portion of the funds be given to the SA Lighthouse. 


After dinner, there was a brief player’s meeting and a celebration drawing for all who had an annual ABG card.  Chris Flynt won a free entry into the 2019 national match play or stroke play event.  Dan McDonald won the golf-bag shaped mug loaded with dimes, and Roger Cline won $100 in cash.  Various other prizes, too long to be listed here, were distributed.


On Monday, the first day of competition for the championship, the tournament got off on time but then hit a wall of disagreeable weather.  By 3 pm, there was rain and lightning.  The USGA officials in charge called the tournament, suspending play when lightening was within 9 miles.  Players and coaches had to move quickly, leaving behind markers where their balls laid.  Most players by then had completed 10 holes.  After a lengthy wait in the club house and rain continuing to fall, play was not possible.  The next day at 11 a.m., the players were sent out to resume play.  The first eighteen holes were completed.  The plan was to have lunch and then play an additional 9 holes making the tournament a 27 hole event; however, heavy rains moved over the Republic golf club again and the last 9 holes were not possible.  Our National stroke play tournament ended with 18 holes.  Winners were declared and they are as follows:

Senior category:  1st place Jim Hamilton coached by Terry Martin and 2nd place John Casolo coached by David Mouton.

B 1 category:  1st place Phil Blackwell coached by Sybil Blackwell and 2nd place Jack Hansen coached by Russ Hansen.

B 2 category:  1st place Charlie Adams coached by Roy Bell and 2nd place Bruce Hooper coached by Judy Hooper.

B 3 category:  1st place Harry Hester coached by Margaret Hester and 2nd place Glenn Babcock coached by Lois Babcock.

Overall Net winner:  Ron Derry coached by Jerry Rank.


On Wednesday, October 10, the Fore the Blind Scramble consisted of 24 teams.  Each team had four sponsor or community players paired with one of our blind golfers.  Typical of San Antonio, we played in sunny weather instead of rain and lightning.  Hole # 1 was literally a blast!  All players and coaches got to shoot a canon which lofted a ball from the tee to the green about 400 yards away.  The closest to the pin was announced after the round, and the winner was Ken Weathers, coach of Grant Weathers.  Ken won $1010.10, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of ABG’s partnership with the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired!


A delicious Bar B Q dinner, with a raffle and awards took place after the round of golf.  Many of our ABG members were lucky to have won prizes including Roger Cline who won a diamond necklace.  Lois Babcock won champagne and a chocolate pearl necklace; John Casolo won a beautiful golf carry bag and wine, Brad Eaton won lunch and round of golf at Fair Oaks Golf Club, and again too much more to list.  The best news will come in a few weeks when photos and final money donation for the SALB’s blind and vision impaired children’s program is released.


Next year’s dates for the San Antonio stroke play tournament are October 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2019.  Thanks to all who attended this year; and thanks to all of you who support the administration and outreach of ABG with your $20 Annual ABG card donation.  Special appreciation and applause to Nancy Lipton, SALB’s Director of Public Relations, for her superb efforts in organizing the event!


Well, that should be enough to hold all of you for now.  By the December Newsletter, the American Blind Golf and Ohio Blind Golf websites should be completely updated for 2019.  Have a great Thanksgiving for all in the United States and please honor all those who served on Veterans Day...


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee

Thanksgiving Update 2018

 November 21, 2018


Greetings All,


Just a couple brief updates before Thanksgiving here in the States…


Here are a few bits of good news:

1.     Congratulations to Brian & Carolyn Oglesbee as they were married this past week!

2.     Congratulations to Deven Schei and Kelly on the birth of their son Reagan! And,

3.     Retired SSG Aaron Hale and his wife are expecting twins!  Aaron joked, “How will I be able to tell them apart?” LOL!


Finally, for those long time ABG Players & Coaches, some sad news.  Many of you may remember Joel Marler from Alabama.  Sadly, he passed away a couple weeks ago.  Joel was at the forefront to establish full equality for all blind/visually impaired golfers in the United States.  He played an important role in the formation of American Blind Golf in 2009.  Collectively, we owe him a great debt of gratitude.  He will be forever missed…


Have a great Turkey Day, don’t eat too much and enjoy all the football games this weekend!  Go Buckeyes; beat that team up North!


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee

December 2018

December 2, 2018


Hello All,


This Newsletter contains very important information regarding the 2019 American Blind Golf schedule.  Please read the entire Newsletter as it contains exciting information regarding a new event planned for late July or early August that would take place outside Los Angeles, California. 

Enjoy the Newsletter and make sure to let us know your thoughts on the newly proposed event …


First, the American Blind Golf website has been updated and the applications for both the Match Play Championships this June in Ohio and the Stroke Play Championships this October in Texas have been posted.  They are available in both Word and PDF formats.  The 2019 ABG Card application forms have also been posted at the top of the homepage.  If you encounter any problems with the website, please reply to this Newsletter with your concerns.


Special Announcement - please reply as soon as possible to


American Blind Golf has been contacted by a prominent Blind Charity in Los Angeles, California, in regards to hosting a Blind Golf event in 2019.

The tentative proposal we have received is listed below.  After reviewing the information, let us know if you would be available to participate.

The proposed dates are either July 26 through July 30, 2019, or August 4 through August 7, 2019.

1.   The competition format requested is a team competition entitled “The Unity Cup.”  The maximum number of Blind Golfers is limited to 24.  As the competition will be based off of each golfers “handicap”, each team will be determined by a draw.  The names of the players who commit to play will be put in a hat, and two teams will be drawn.  B1, B2, and B3 players will be playing together, so a handicap format will be decided.

2.     Similar to other ABG tournaments, a practice round, 2 days of competition and participation in a charity scramble will be included.  Four nights of lodging, a welcome reception, an awards dinner and a charity scramble dinner would be provided.  The organizers are hoping to secure additional meals.  In fairness to our sponsor, we need to know your willingness to participate in this event as soon as possible.

Send your response to


Fairways & greens,

The ABG Communication Committee




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